Mandeville High School Band
Presented by: Mandeville High School Band Boosters, Inc.

Early April: Informational packets sent to the junior highs. If you are coming in from a school other than Mandeville JH or Madisonville JH, please email Mr. DiBenedetto.

Mon-Thurs. April 15th-18th, 5-7pm MHS Commons

Colorguard audition clinic: Students will learn the basics of a routine during the week and perform it on Thursday.

Thurs. May 2nd, 7pm MHS Band Room

8th grade informational meeting: Parents learn about fees, volunteering, the Booster program, and our Charms computer system.

Mon-Fri July 23rd-27th and July 30th-Aug. 3rd 8am-8pm

​Band Camp (Mandatory)

2019-2020 Freshmen Important Dates

Colorguard is not the flag team of your parents' generation. Colorguard has evolved into an artistic dance activity that adds an important element to the pageantry of a competitive musical performance. Members will learn elements of ballet, modern dance, body control, and performance skills.

In high school band and guard you travel with your friends weekly, cheer on the Skippers, meet other bands, hear good music, and you'll be excited when you walk away from a great performance and share that moment with everyone around you.

Incoming Guard Members

Incoming Member FAQs

I've never marched before. Should I be nervous about joining guard?

No! Most people will come in without any marching experience. Everyone comes in on the same level. Our colorguard audition process walks everyone through the basic skills they'll need to be successful

Can guys do guard?

Yes! Some of the best guard members are males. 

Does guard end after football season?

Yes and no. Colorguard is broken up into two "seasons", Fall and Winter. Fall guard is with the marching band, Winter guard is on their own and a more artistic activity. Search for "Winter Guard" on YouTube or check out the "Broken Ballerina" show under Featured Videos.

Can I do sports and guard?

The short answer is yes, but your level of participation depends on the sport. We have good working relationships with the coaches and we share whenever possible. If you have questions, please email Mr. DiBenedetto at