Mandeville High School Band
Presented by: Mandeville High School Band Boosters, Inc.

For tenors and bass music, new students are encouraged to first learn all parts in unison (meaning read all parts as if they are on one drum, like a snare) before splitting.​

​Basses should practice each individual part, especially 1st (top part), 3rd, and 4th parts.

​Audition Music Recordings

2019-2020 Drumline Auditions

Below you will find the materials for the auditions for the Mandeville High School Drumline. The materials linked are for Snare, Tenors, and Bass. Note that we are not auditioning a cymbal line for the Fall 2019 season. Mallet auditions will be posted later. 

NOTE: All percussion students will be in the percussion section for our fall marching competition show. Students who do not earn a spot on the drumline will be placed in the front ensemble playing mallet keyboards, synthesizer, auxiliary percussion, or manning our electronics system.

The audition process will begin with an individual audition with the material listed below. Then, the band and percussion staff may ask multiple people to play together, especially bass drum auditioners.

For 8th graders and new incoming members, we will have an optional, but highly recommended clinic at MHS on April 29th and 30th from 3:30-5:30. Students are encouraged to attend both days, but if necessary, it's better to attend one day than none at all.

​Auditions will take place after school on Thursday May 2nd. Since it will take time for junior high students to get to MHS after school, we will begin with high school students.