COVID-19 Band Update March 20th

We hope everyone is doing okay and is following all guidance about things like hand washing and social distancing. I think it's becoming clear that what started as a possible unexpected closure like for weather is becoming something different. As the district and state hope to open either April 13th or April 20th, depending on if spring break is observed, the governor has made comments hinting that this closure will last longer than that.

Here's what we are doing:

  • The band directors and Crystal are working to make a virtual awards ceremony. This would likely use YouTube Premiere, meaning it will be set to live stream at a certain time, and students will have the ability to chat with others. We would do everything we typically would: announce awards, award best section, recognize our seniors, play the band video, and we may even begin to give more information about our Fall 2020 Marching Production.
  • Speaking of that production, music is currently being written, and if we have anything to give you we will. Design meetings are starting up and we are using this extra time to work on that, among other things.
  • We are beginning the early stages of recruiting for 8th graders. If you know any, please direct them to our website, for information about upcoming dates
  • Brainstorming ideas to have an end-of-the-year performance of some type. More info on this will come when we know what the end of the year looks like
  • Looking towards possibilities regarding leadership and drum major auditions, as well as percussion and guard auditions.

Students, please use this time to continue practicing, not simply to keep your skills up, but to give you something to do during these times. We have shared some ideas already,and we will share more weekly.

Seniors: We know this is especially rough for all of you, and though there's nothing right now we can do, we hope to recognize you all at some point and get to say real good-byes. Speaking of which, barely any of you have given us senior pictures, and please remember to give Mr. Stearman one as well as Mr. D!

See you all soon!